In cobitfx, the impossible becomes possible with our deeper insight in the forex market . Giving you financial freedom is all we do.


Cobitfx is a universally recognized FX institute that provides trading education, trading signals, and comprehensive market analysis for aspiring and professional traders. Our invaluable service has earned us numerous awards from different institutions throughout the world.

We provide market analysis and market movement. We give insight into the socio-economic, political, and technical components that drive the forex market.

We offer professional advice, reliable, tested, and trusted trading signals and techniques to make you trade Forex like a pro.

We recommend trading tools, guidance, pros and cons on forex trading.

To trade successfully, one needs experience, knowledge, and disciplined trading habits.

We offer investment partners that can multiply your money without any physical efforts with ROI.

We are certified by necessary trading institutions.

 trading platform
Core values

Core values

We valued transparency, accountability, and integrity.



We aim to raise thousands of people through our learning platform that can trade and analyze profitably, which will enhance financial freedom from those individuals to their families and communities.



To be a platform where people learn, earn, and become financially independent. This can be accomplished by using our sophisticated Artificial Intelligence software/tools to analyze and forecast the Forex market



To be one of the top-five Forex learning institutions in the world.

Our work

Cobitfx already uses the advantages of artificial intelligence software(A.I) to gain serious advantage and security over users funds in the forex market. This implementations allowed to significantly improve the accuracy of analytical data acquired used for development, set up and adjustments of algorithmic systems, and as well as generally improve the efficiency of platform operations.

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Frequently Answers & Questions

These are just some of the most common questions we get asked. For anything else, please contact us.

Cobitfx is an organisation that provides Forex trading opportunity for its user. We help our user to become Forex expert with our learning platform. Besides that, Cobitfx offers investment plans for our members which gives a return 5.7% within the contractual period.
Our investment portfolio is control by seasonal trading and financial experts, who have vast knowledge in Foreign Exchanges. Cobitfx can boost of the best trading analysts who can accurately predict the market movement. Funds are managed and controlled by our top-rated experts with the help of our sophisticated software.
Every busines/investment has an element of risk, and this is applied to Cobitfx, however, we have set aside a stabilization fund where we can always indemnify our users when things go unexpected due to external threat. With us, the safety of our fund is guaranteed.
As a leading international platform; Cobitfx accepts clients and users from every part of the world. Your location can never pose a threat in joining us.
Our normal weekly returns doesn’t come with tax. But external special trades generated income do come with tax payment.
We process transactions immediately, meanwhile, the speed of the transaction might depend on the payment method.